McCabe/Conerty of Ireland

There is neither evidence nor family lore to suggest the origins of the McCabe and Conerty family members that immigrated to the United States. The most likely County in Ireland would be Cavan. Patrick McCabe (c1813-1865) and Catherine Conerty (C1813-????) also immigrated earlier than the other families described in this genealogy, arriving in the late 1830s before the potato famines in the second half of the 1840s. Patrick first appers in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York in 1836. By 1839, he is living in McHenry County, Illinois. And by 1856, in Fillmore County, Minnesota. We don't know when Catherine immigrated nor do we know when and where they were married.

Three of Patrick McCabe's siblings are also known to have immigrated. Little is known of two of them, a sister Bridget McCabe (c1832-????), and a brother Michael McCabe (????-1851). More is known of a brother Owen McCabe (c1824-1900) who settled in the same county of Minnesota (Fillmore) as Patrick.

One of Catherine Conerty's brothers, Matthew Conerty (c1812-1899), also immigrated and lived in the same county in Illinois (McHenry) and at the same time as the McCabe's. One of Matthew Conerty's sons also lived for a time in the same county in Minnesota (Fillmore) as the McCabe's.