Catherine Nolan Glancy Keenan

F, (1835 - 1918)
FatherPatrick B. Nolen (c 1815 - 1868)
MotherMary D. (Mrs Patrick) (?) Nolen (c 1816 - 1886)
ChartsGlancy/Carron family
Birth*16 Jan 1835 Ireland1 
Marriage*27 May 1857 Saint Patrick's church, Hartland Tp, McHenry, Illinois (IL), United States (US); Groom=James Glancy, priest=Bernard O'Hara Rev, Witness=John Farey, Witness=Kate Gillin2,3 
Married Name27 May 1857 Glancy [Nolan] 
Marriage*2 May 1869 Saint Joseph's, Harvard, McHenry, Illinois (IL), United States (US); Groom=Peter Keenan4 
Married Name2 May 1869 Keenan [Nolan] 
Death*27 Mar 1918 St.Bernard's, Chicago, Cook, Illinois (IL), United States (US)1 
Note*29 Mar 1918 obituary Chicago (Illinois) Tribune, Friday 29 March 19185 
Burial*1 Apr 1918 Mount Carmel cemetery, Hillside, Cook, Illinois (IL), United States (US)1 
Biography* Catherine Nolan Glancy Keenan, 1836-1918:
Catherine immigrated, with her parents, to the United States when she was one-or-two-years old. The family lived first in Massachusetts for about three years, then Buffalo, New York for a few years before finally settling in McHenry County, Illinois circa 1845. In 1869, Catherine was married for a second time to widower Peter Keenan at Saint Joseph's in Harvard, McHenry County by the Rev. Dominick Egan, Pastor of Saint Stephen's in Chicago, before sibling witnesses Peter Nolen (sic) and Margaret Nolen (sic) Boodle. Catherine and Peter had a pre-nuptial agreement wherein Peter agreed to support both of her children by James Clancy to full age as long as they remained with him. In return, Catherine was to pay Peter $100 per year per child.

In 1875, Peter sued wife Catherine in McHenry County Probate Court for six-years worth of support plus taxes paid on the children's property inherited from their father's estate. The property consisted of 160 acres of land in Section 24 of Town 101 North of Range 22 in Freeborn County, Minnesota valued at $1000. The court rejected the suit. Catherine and Peter had four children of their own: Thomas, William, Catherine and Margaret. The family lived in Woodstock, McHenry County until June 1874 when they moved to Freeborn County, Minnesota and settled in Nunda Township. By 1893, they had moved to Chicago, Illinois and were living at 898 Clifton Avenue. In 1914 they were living at 3343 Clifton Avenue.

Catherine died on a Friday at age 83. Her funeral was held on Monday from Saint Sebastian's church. 


James Glancy (c 1834-23 Jul 1864)
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John James Clancy

M, (1864 - 1942)
FatherJames Glancy (c 1834 - 1864)
MotherCatherine Nolan Glancy Keenan (1835 - 1918)
Relationship1st cousin 1 time removed of Helen Frances Gerber McCarthy
Occupation* Policeman 
Nickname J. J. 
Birth*24 Jan 1864 Hartland Tp, McHenry, Illinois (IL), United States (US)1,2 
Christening31 Jan 1864 Saint Patrick's Church, Hartland Tp, McHenry, Illinois (IL), United States (US); godfather=John Clancy2 
Marriage*4 May 1892 Saint Patrick's church, Hartland Tp, McHenry, Illinois (IL), United States (US); Bride=Hanorah Isabelle O'Brien Clancy3 
Death*25 Feb 1942 Chicago, Cook, Illinois (IL), United States (US)4 
Note*26 Feb 1942 obituary Chicago (Illinois) Tribune, Thursday 26 February 19424 
Burial*28 Feb 1942 All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, Illinois (IL), United States (US)4 
Biography* John James "J. J." Clancy, 1864-1942:
Christened on 31 January 1864 at Saint Patrick's, Hartland Township, McHenry Couny, Illinois by the Rev. T. Fitzsimmons with sponsors John Glancy (his father's brother) and Ellen Nolan (his mother's sister). Born in McHenry County, Illinois, J. J. moved to Freeborn County, Minnesota with his mother and step-father in 1874. By 1892, he was living in Chicago and employed as a police officer. He was married to Isabella O'Brien at Saint Patrick's church in Hartland Township, McHenry County by the Rev. P. M. O'Neill before witnesses James McGurk (J. J.'s 1st cousin on his mother's side) and Miss Polly O'Leary. John was named in his uncle (and godfather) John Clancy's will to receive a one-third interest in the uncle's 160-acre farm in Lynn Township, Lincoln County, South Dakota. On 31 May 1919, John and Hanorah Isabelle sold their one-third interest in the farm to Frank T. Clark of Worthing for $9,800.5

The Clancys lived at several different addresses in Chicago. They were at what is now 928 Belmont Avenue 6 in Chicago's 25th Ward in 1893; they were at what is now 2907 Racine Ave 7 in 1894; they were renting a house at what is now 2950 Racine Ave, 8 Town of Lake View in Chicago's 26th Ward in 1900; they were renting at 1357 Hood Ave, in Chicago's 25th Ward in 1920; they owned a triplex at 6234 North Oakley Avenue in 1930. The building was valued at $8500. They occupied one apartment and rented the other two at $90 and $95/month respectively. J.J. and Isabelle were living there in 1940 and 1942.

J. J., age 78, died on a Wednesday. His funeral was held on Saturday from Saint Henry's church. 


Hanorah Isabelle O'Brien Clancy (Dec 1867-2 Jan 1940)
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Hanorah Isabelle O'Brien Clancy

F, (1867 - 1940)
FatherMichael O'Brien (c 1839 - 1907)
MotherMargaret Donovan O'Brien (1846 - 1879)
Nickname Belle 
Nickname Isabelle 
Birth*Dec 1867 Alden, McHenry, Illinois (IL), United States (US)1,2 
Marriage*4 May 1892 Saint Patrick's church, Hartland Tp, McHenry, Illinois (IL), United States (US); Groom=John James Clancy3 
Married Name4 May 1892 Clancy [O'Brien] 
Death*2 Jan 1940 Chicago, Cook, Illinois (IL), United States (US)4 
Note*3 Jan 1940 obituary Chicago (Illinois) Tribune, Wednesday 3 January 19404 
Burial*4 Jan 1940 All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, Illinois (IL), United States (US)4 
Biography* Hanorah Isabelle "Belle" O'Brien Clancy, 1867-1940:
Hanorah's father was born in Pennsylvania, her mother in Illinois. She was born and raised on a farm in Alden township, McHenry county, Illinois. She used, and was known by, her middle name, Isabelle. After her 1892 marriage, Isabelle and her policeman husband lived in Chicago.

She died on a Tuesday at age 72. Her funeral was held on Thursday at Saint Henry's church. 


John James Clancy (24 Jan 1864-25 Feb 1942)
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