Thomas Duane McCarthy Sr

M, (1912 - 1974)
Thomas D. McCarthy, 1912-1974
FatherDaniel Waldo McCarthy (1859 - 1924)
MotherKatherine Henrietta Ryan McCarthy (1873 - 1956)
Name Variation Duane 
Nickname Shorty 
Birth*13 Oct 1912 Rock Rapids, Lyon, Iowa (IA), United States (US)1 
Christening3 Nov 1912 Holy Name church, Rock Rapids, Lyon, Iowa (IA), United States (US); priest=Rev. Thomas Dullard2 
Anecdote*c 1920 Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, South Dakota (SD), United States (US); family photo
Marriage*26 Dec 1936 Saint Edward's, Worthing, Lincoln, South Dakota (SD), United States (US); Bride=Helen Frances Gerber McCarthy, Witness=Daniel Waldo McCarthy, Witness=Dorothy Martha Gerber Sanders, priest=John Costello Rev3
Death*3 Mar 1974 Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee (TN), United States (US)4 
Note*4 Mar 1974 obituary Memphis (Tennessee) Commercial Appeal , Monday 4 March 1974.5 
Burial*5 Mar 1974 Calvary Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee (TN), United States (US)4 
Biography* Thomas Duane McCarthy, 1912-1974:
The third of three sons. Thomas was christened on 3 November 1912 with sponsors Wm and Emma McLaughlin. Before he was two, the family moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where he grew to manhood. In Sioux Falls, the adults referred to him by his middle name, Duane. His peers called him "Shorty." Thomas always believed that he was named after his mother Katherine's brother Thomas who was considered something of a "black sheep" in the family. This was not true. Thomas was named after his mother's father Thomas not her brother Thomas.

Thomas graduated from Cathedral high school in 1929 and entered the University of Wisconsin that fall. Upon completion of his freshman year, he was initiated into Phi Eta Sigma, the high scholastic honor society for freshman. Only 59 of the 1317 in his class met the requirements for membership. Thomas won three scholarships and several other honors during his career at the university. In addition, he played in an orchestra during the summer months in Sioux Falls enabling him to work his way through college.

He liked to tell one story in particular about his career as a musician: While in University he played in a dance band. The band would arrange to play a dance at a local hall and the band would charge admission and also provide the refreshments - for a price. Refreshments consisted of grain alchohol - stolen from the University's chemistry lab - diluted with fruit juice. This was very successful financially - at least until prohibition was repealed in 1933. With their profits, the band members would patronize a local speakeasy and drink the real stuff!

After graduating with a degree in Accounting in 1935, he went to work for the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio. After training at company headquarters, he was assigned subsequent positions in Saint Louis, Missouri; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Oklahoma City; Tulsa again, and finally Memphis, Tennessee in 1942. He worked for Firestone until shortly before his death at age 61. 
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Helen Frances Gerber McCarthy

F, (1911 - 2004)
Helen (Gerber) McCarthy,
FatherHenry F. Gerber (1870 - 1934)
MotherMary Katherine Clancy Gerber (1880 - 1968)
ChartsHelen Gerber ancestors
Gerber/Clancy family
Birth*1 Dec 1911 Lynn Tp, Lincoln, South Dakota (SD), United States (US)1 
Christening15 Dec 1911 Saint Edward's, Worthing, Lincoln, South Dakota (SD), United States (US); godmother=Georgia Augusta Snyder Devitt, godfather=Francis Richard Devitt 
Marriage*26 Dec 1936 Saint Edward's, Worthing, Lincoln, South Dakota (SD), United States (US); Groom=Thomas Duane McCarthy Sr, Witness=Daniel Waldo McCarthy, Witness=Dorothy Martha Gerber Sanders, priest=John Costello Rev2
Married Name26 Dec 1936 McCarthy [Gerber] 
Residence*1999 Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado (CO), United States (US) 
Death*20 Jun 2004 Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado (CO), United States (US) 
Burial*Aug 2004 Calvary Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee (TN), United States (US) 
Biography* Helen F. Gerber McCarthy, 1911-2004:
Helen was christened in December 1911 at Saint Edward's in Worthing, South Dakota. Her sponsors were her first cousin Georgia Snyder Devitt and Georgia's husband Frank. Raised in Worthing, Helen attended local elementary school. After grade school, she commuted weekly to Sioux Falls with her mother and sister where she attended Cathedral High School.

In her sophomore year, Helen flunked Algebra (not her favorite - or best - subject). She was terrified to tell her mother. The reaction of mother must not have been too severe, Helen doesn't remember it! Helen greatly admired her high school Latin teacher, Margaret McNamara. Margaret was a graduate of Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa. And so, after graduating high school, Helen attended Clarke College also, graduating in 1933.

After college, Helen taught 5th grade for the 1933/34 school year in New Albin, Iowa. Her salary was $50/month. Room and board cost $30/month. She did not have a car nor did she need one. In May of 1934, her father died. She was released from her contract with New Albin and returned home to Worthing. She remained there for the next two years, teaching history at the Worthing high shool. Helen was related to some of her students. She also taught Dorothy Warsing how to play the piano using a paper keyboard. Dorothy later rewarded her teacher by playing the real piano at Helen's wedding.

Helen, 92, died on a Sunday. 
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