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The McCarthy-Cody genealogy is dedicated to the parents of Tom McCarthy and Gerry Cody.

The genealogy of each parent is contained on separate pages, i.e., there are four genealogies, one for each parent - surnames McCarthy, Gerber, Cody, and Coleman. And thus, each parent appears twice - once in their own genealogy and once in the genealogy of their spouse. Each genealogy contains all of the ancestors known to us. In addition, all of each ancestor's known descendants are included - but - only down to our parent's generation. For persons known to be alive, marriages, if any, are included but dates, places and other personal details are excluded. Possibly living persons, i.e., those for whom we do not have a death date, are assumed to be deceased if they would be over 100-years-of-age and we don't know better!

The four genealogies include pedigree and ancestor charts, place and surname indexes, bio's, photos, and sources. The pages of details for individuals are arranged alphabetically by surname. Married women are listed with their married name following their surname.

There is a link to each genealogy in the navigation bar above (four surnames in white on gray just below the site title).

Between the navigation bar and the WELCOME! there is a list of our great-grandparent surnames. Each surname is linked to an essay on the background of the family (blue on white).

In the table below, each surname is linked to a chart of that great-grandparent's family. 

Our Parent Our Great-Grandparent charts
Tom's father - McCarthy - Galvin - Ryan - McCabe
Tom's mother - Gerber - Neuheisel - Clancy - McNulty
Gerry's father - Cody - Hanley - Begley - O'Brien
Gerry's mother - Coleman - O'Donoghue - English - Fitzgerald

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